Easter ideas

We have some EGGciting Easter ideas #readytoRACK. 

We shared a Lent RACK guide. Get it here.

Join in on the “You’ve Been EGGed” event! Egg your neighbors to share the hope of Jesus this Easter. Do this in your neighborhood sometime Easter week. If you want to join the fun on Facebook, join our event.

#1 Deliver an egg hunt. Hide 12 eggs in a neighbor’s year. Tape the ‘YOU’VE BEEN EGGED’ flyer to the door. Fill the eggs with stickers, mini Easter erasers, a few with candy possibly (think about the weather). Leave one egg empty to signify the tomb being empty! You can also attach to the door an invite to your church. Printable credit: happyhomefairy.com

#2  Get treat bags with jelly beans and close with the jelly bean prayer cards. You can print on card stock paper, cut, fold over top of bag and staple closed. If you insert a ribbon under the card when closing, you can tie at the top and hang on doorknobs. Printable credit: notconsumed.com.

Meet SHINEY! He wants to visit your family and show you how to share God’s love in easy but intentional ways.

Do you desire to share with your kids how to bless others, especially during the Christmas season but determining what to do results in hours lost on Pinterest or Google??

It is all here. In this kit. And, it is super fun and flexible! Shiney is a bendable character and comes with  ‘Shiney’ cards that give you an idea of how to arrange Shiney on one side and on the reverse is a corresponding RACK.

This is also a great resource for families with older or even no children. Place Shiney somewhere in the home as your reminder but use the cards to keep you on mission.There are 35 cards so you can pick and choose what works for your life; and, adapt as needed.

SHINEY’S CHRISTMAS RACK PACK will make blessing others and living out the reason for the season ENJOYABLE! If other things still get to you; you’re in luck, Shiney is also a stress ball!

Spreading God’s Love, not Germs

Use these custom antibacterial wipe pouches to ‘spread God’s love, not germs’. Be #readytoRACK on your trips to the park, zoo, playground, ball fields, etc.

Get Your WipesNow!

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