Meet SHINEY! He wants to visit your family and show you how to share God’s love

in easy but intentional ways.

Do you desire to share with your kids how to bless others, especially during the Christmas season but determining what to do results in hours lost on Pinterest or Google??

It is all here. In this kit. And, it is super fun and flexible! Shiney is a bendable character and comes with ‘Shiney’ idea cards. One side has how you can arrange Shiney and the other the mission for the day.

This is also a great resource for families with older children or no children at all. Place Shiney somewhere in the home as your reminder but use the cards to keep you on mission.There are 35 cards so you can pick and choose what works for your life; and, adapt as needed.

SHINEY’S CHRISTMAS RACK PACK will make blessing others ENJOYABLE! If other things still get to you, you’re in luck. Shiney is also a stress ball!

Our heart is to get these to your family. We are requesting a $10 donation per kit to help offset production costs. Need multiple for your extended family, small group or church? Get 5 or more at $8 per kit. Order now or Email us with questions.

**If interested in a bulk order, please Email for special pricing and delivery options.**

“Our family loves Shiney! He helps us to be intentional in showing God’s love to those around us. Shiney definitely makes us remember the reason for the season. We love how random the acts of kindness are and my kids have a blast. You can see their little hearts beaming from blessing others. Thank you Barefoot Faith and Shiney!”

Stacie Steward

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